Every year, countless numbers of primates are taken by humans from their natural habitat, or are bred in captivity with the aim of gaining profit. They are taken from their social group at a young age with the objective of selling them as pets, or exploiting them for show (circuses, films, publicity, etc.)

These animals are often kept in terrible conditions, and lack basic needs which are crucial for their proper development. This can lead to serious health issues, both psychological and physical. In the case of animals that have been used in show business, the traumas can be worse due to severe physical abuse from a young age. This is done in order to train and manipulate them without any opposition or resistance. However, when these primates reach a certain age, they become uncontrollable and can no longer be used. This leads to their abandonment and they end up being kept the cheapest way possible, and in extremely poor conditions.

Entrenamiento primates
When used as pets, primates can develop various traumas and unnatural behaviours. This is because they are taken from their parents and social group from a young age and are unable to learn the natural behaviours of their species. Therefore, as they lose the opportunity to grow in an appropriate social group, they do not thrive as they should. Inevitably, they lack basic social skills and develop enduring psychological traumas that can last a lifetime.

Primates sin madres

Rainfer gives these primates a second chance. Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and introduce these primates into an appropriate social group, where they can live in environmentally, naturalised enclosures. Here, they are positively stimulated, learn from their peers how to freely display natural behaviours and strive to be happy. We give home and hope to more than 130 primates.

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