Our daily work is completely based in:

Rescueing The centre’s main goal is to rescue and rehabilitate primates in need. This process starts when they are seized by the government from dreadful and illegal situations, such as circuses, zoos in terrible conditions or households where they are kept as pets.

Our work does not end when they have been rescued. A huge amount of effort goes into the rehabilitation of these animals. Their physical traumas normally consist of malnutrition, skeletal deformities and skin infections. On the other hand, their psychological traumas include stereotypies, different phobias and problems when socializing with others.

Chita before and after

Chita before and after being rescued

Educating We offer visits for schools and colleges to the sanctuary in order to educate and raise awareness to future generations. During these visits, students complete different workshops based on their age group. This allows them to develop skills based on animal conservation in an active way, and live out a unique experience while learning to respect and protect the primates and their environment.

Educational visits


To get to the root of the problem, it is essential for people to be aware of the issues these animals face both in the wild and in captivity, and get on board with our mission. Unfortunately, it is because of a lack of understanding and knowledge from society as a whole, that these animals now find themselves under such dire conditions. Therefore, it is a vital part of our job to raise social awareness.

To remedy this, we offer guided tours of the sanctuary (limited and reduced groups), where we endeavour to inform and transmit our ideology, dedication and passion to the public that visit us.

Guided visits


The centre provides the opportunity to train people in this fascinating field. For the past 10 years, we have organized conferences and courses, vet placements and provided work experience for students from different universities and colleges. We think training people to work in the habitats of the primates is essential for the conservation of the species.